User Interface

Forex Signals App User Interface

After the login process is completed, we want to briefly tell you about the application interface. It’s easy to use OneBillionSignals. Once you know the interface, you can start getting signals and taking profits.

Active Signals: In active signals you can see all open positions. My Signals: My signals shows signals of your selected products. Closed Signals: You can see the list of closed signals. Performance: You can see the performance of all closed signals.

In profile settings you can update your name, last name also change your country, contact phone number and language. After making the necessary changes just click the “change settings” button. Your information will be updated automatically.

Select the instruments that you want to receive signals and press next button. Please send us request for the instruments that are not listed by the option “Request Signal”.

When you click on the instrument you will see the notification options. You can choose the options you like or turn off them.

In subscription settings, you will find some information about our subscription policy and subscription types. Also, you can buy premium subscription under that section.

My signals section shows signals of your selected products. Take a look at CHFJPY, 116,292 is current price of product.

This section shows which signals still active in Forex Market. Also you can click “more” button and then see other details about product

Closed Signals: You can see the list of closed signals. Green Signals: Green means position is closed with profit Red Signals: Red means position is closed with loss.

You can see the performance of the signals on this page. For example, EURUSD has 271 total pips and 105 total signals until that time.

For any questions just click the chat button and reach to us. We would like to help you in Fx Market always..

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If You Have Any Questions or Concerns Please feel free to contact us. Our team is waiting to hear from you

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Risk Warning

Important : One Billion Signals will not be liable for any losses sustained while using the services provided on the One Billion Signals application. This application is not a solicitation to trade Forex signals, nor is it a representation of what your account will make, or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on the application. The past performances of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.