Market Notes

EURUSD is trading above 1.0666 major support level. As long as pair defends this major support level and don't break it, market will be on the Euro side. Above 1.0666 level we will face 1.0730 and 1.0780 resistance levels. Only breaking of this support level indicates the Euro will lose momentum...

31 Jan 17 (Tue)

09:11 am

Last week, EURUSD hit a major resistance level at 1.0780 but remained below 1.0780. As the EURUSD remains below the 1.0780 resistance level, we think the increase may be limited. Especially if EURUSD moves below 1.0666, the price will dive dramatically and the support levels will be at...

30 Jan 17 (Mon)

09:45 am

Last week, the price dropped to 52.55 support level. As this price is sustained above 52.55, we will face the resistances at 53.20 and 53.80 levels. On the other hand, if this move slides below 52.55, the supports levels will be 52.10 and 51.55 respectively. Supports: 52.55

30 Jan 17 (Mon)

09:39 am

Last week, Gold broke down 1210 major support level and then the price dived dramatically. If this move continues, we will follow the supports at 1177 and 1186 levels. On the other hand, as the price rise above 1186 support level, we will face the resistances at 1197 and 1210 levels again. Howeve...

30 Jan 17 (Mon)

09:32 am

Last week, USDJPY moved upwards and closed the week above 114.80 support level. Above 114.80, we will face the resistances at 115.85 and 116.70 levels. On the other hand, as this move drops below 114.80, the supports will be at 113.60 and 112.75 levels. However, if the price sustains above 113.60...

30 Jan 17 (Mon)

09:29 am

After Prime Minister May’s speech about Brexit, the GBP gained momentum last week. But the price was limited at 1.2685 resistance level. However, If GBPUSD remains stable above 1.2448 major resistance level, GBP might continue to gain momentum and we will face the resistances at 1.2580 and...

30 Jan 17 (Mon)

09:28 am

1.0666 is important support level, if it stays over this might go back up to 1.0695-1.0740  Below 1.0666 and stays for awhile then dollar will get stronger. Today is friday, watch the numbers, weekly close is important.

27 Jan 17 (Fri)

09:51 am

Todat is important for Turkish Lira, Fitch will give a investment rate for Turkey. We stay away from this pair. Wait and see the pricing first.

27 Jan 17 (Fri)

09:47 am

SP500 New record high, as long as we stay above 2286-2274 it might go higher, when it breaks down to 2274 watch for support levels 2255-2222.   US30  New highs, over 20000 we are watching what is happening, we wait to sell 19880, so keep watching where it...

26 Jan 17 (Thu)

09:03 am

11740 is very important resistance level, if DAX stay above this number 11775-11810 will be the target. If we stay below 11740 11705-11695 first support levels. Daily and weekly cloed are vert crucial. Please watch our daily short and long term signal on GER30.

25 Jan 17 (Wed)

01:19 pm

You must watch Turkish Lira, it will be volatile, CBT (Central Bank of Turkey) will have interest rate decision. They might come with rate hike. Becarefull. 2.7520-2.7440 important support levels. Above 2.7830 USDTRY will go higher.

24 Jan 17 (Tue)

08:32 am

1.0740 is important, if we stay above that level wemight hit 1.0810-1.0830 resistance level. Becarefull we might be risk on week. Dollar might get rest and lose some power during this period.

24 Jan 17 (Tue)

08:26 am

As long as we stay under par (1.0000) we will watch the pair. Our support levels are 0.9965-0.9910-0.9855 , we might think to get in and be long on USDCHF around 0.9830 , you will have signal if that happens.

24 Jan 17 (Tue)

08:24 am

USDTRY 3.7710-3.7550-3.7440 number are very important support levels. 3.84 is major up pick line. Under 3.84 we might see main support level.

23 Jan 17 (Mon)

09:53 am

EURUSD , below 1.0666 sell presure will continue. Major support levels 1.0520 and 1.0490. We still think that there is still  way to go down as long as we stay under 1.0666 

18 Jan 17 (Wed)

11:34 am

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