Market News

Turkey Quarterly 3-month Jobless Average (Feb)

Turkey: Unemployment in February falls to 13.6%, down 1.1 percentage points from the same month last year

11 May 20 (Mon)

07:11 am

Watch Out For The US CPI And Retail Sales Data This Week

Last week, the US Labor Department reported that the US economy lost 20.5 million jobs in April, the steepest plunge since the Great Depression. The unemployment rate jumped to 14.7%. The report showed the coronavirus negative impact on the American economy. US President Trump said last...

11 May 20 (Mon)

06:03 am

Breaking News

US NFP plunges by 20.5 million in April, Unemployment Rate jumps to 14.7%

08 May 20 (Fri)

12:37 pm

US Unemployment Rate

Actual: 14.7% Expected: 16% Previous: 4.4%

08 May 20 (Fri)

12:33 pm

US Nonfarm Payrolls (Apr)

Actual: -20500K Expected: -22000K Previous: -870K

08 May 20 (Fri)

12:32 pm

Get Ready For US Nonfarm Payrolls

US Nonfarm Payrolls will be published in 30 minutes US Nonfarm Payrolls is expected to drop -22.000K. The Unemployment Rate is expected to rise to 16.0% from 4.4%. Average hourly earnings will also be significant and are expected to be 0.4%. This may show the coronaviru...

08 May 20 (Fri)

12:03 pm

Former German finance minister says court ruling on ECB could threaten euro survival

It is very possible the existence of the euro is now put into question Because every national constitutional court can decide for itself The situation makes nobody happy It is difficult if the German court cannot accept the decision But it is also not easy...

08 May 20 (Fri)

11:10 am

Watch Out US Jobs Report Today! 

Will The Non-Farm Payrolls Show The Negative Impact Of The Coronavirus? Focus on the US Non-Farm Payrolls today! The US Jobs Report will be released at 12:30 p.m. (GMT). Why Is This Important? The Non-Farm Payrolls track the change i...

08 May 20 (Fri)

06:21 am

IMF managing director Georgieva speaking

IMF wants to see the strong impetus to return to growth need to help developing nations avoid inflation risks important we keep and on the pulse of the crisis

07 May 20 (Thu)

02:33 pm

 Canada Ivey PMI

Actual: 22.8 Expected: 25 Previous: 26

07 May 20 (Thu)

02:04 pm

Fed Bostic: Fed will deploy whatever is in its arsenal

The Federal Reserve is in a whatever it takes scenario, it will deploy whatever is in its arsenal, One Fed aim now is to understand how relief checks, paycheck protection, other programs are working in practice.

07 May 20 (Thu)

01:06 pm

US Initial Jobless Claims

Actual: 3169K Expected: 3000K Previous: 3839K

07 May 20 (Thu)

12:31 pm

Coming Up: US Unemployment Claims

We will closely watch the U.S. jobless claims report to be released later in the day. The forecast is that 3 million Americans were laid off in the previous week. A higher than expected reading should be taken as negative for the greenback.

07 May 20 (Thu)

12:25 pm

Comments by Minneapolis Fed president, Neel Kashkari

Fed Kashkari: Bad jobs report would understate damage because many people are not looking for work Thinks that true unemployment rate is 23% to 24% But report likely to show a lower number Says can avoid depression scenario but US is in fo...

07 May 20 (Thu)

11:27 am

BOE Bailey: BOE could do more QE in June

BOE not ruling anything out on further measures, keeping all options open We are nowhere near using negative rates Does not want to overdraw the distinction between BOE policy and open-ended QE

07 May 20 (Thu)

11:09 am

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